Unique weddings do not happen by chance: they are the result of a lot of planning and are composed of many details full of meaning.

Our Wedding Planner Service Interpret your vision, bring creative ideas, bring beauty and harmony to every detail and create a common thread that gives emotion and meaning to this wonderful experience.

From the Request of Hand, Farewell of singles, Bridal Party…. until the honeymoon. Weddings for all styles: traditional, on the beach, rustic, motorcycle….. and for all Jewish, Arab, Chinese cultures…

Remember only your imagination has the limit, because «It all starts with a dream», which the Wedding Planner will make reality,,, just «relax and enjoy» your moment.

Integral Organization

Events Deluxe’s Wedding Planner service is designed for those bridegrooms who want to delegate everything (without losing control) so they can enjoy 100% of their wedding day. We take care of everything.

This service includes:

  •     Search for the location of the ceremony and celebration.
  •     Guest management.
  •     Search for photographic services.
  •     Image and beauty counseling.
  •     Advice in the preparation of the honeymoon.
  •     Decorating.
  •     Assembly, event attendance and disassembly on the day of the event.
  •     Permanent contact with the bride and groom.

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings or destination weddings a service designed for couples who are abroad and wish to get married in Spain

We use all the technology at our disposal to organize the destination weddings. We are available to our clients every day of the week and adapt our working hours to the local schedule of the country in which they reside.

For us the language is no problem. If you need it, we can organize your destination wedding in several languages.

Thematic Weddings

Themed weddings are a trend constantly updated, so in Events Deluxe we bet on originality, only boyfriends put the limit.

That’s why our Wedding Planner service will make your biker, vintage, boho-chic, industrial, romantic, Hippy, historic…

Weddings adapted to your culture and religion

At Events Deluxe we organize weddings of different cultures and religions.

We adapt to all the needs of environment, protocol, times, specific caterings respecting the different religions and transforming them into magical events where culture, tradition and religion know no geographical barriers.

Coordination Day of the Wedding

The coordination service on the wedding day ensures complete peace of mind for the bride and groom on the wedding day, so that they and their guests can enjoy it without worries.

This service includes:

  •     Assembly, event attendance and disassembly on the day of the event.
  •     Two event planners on B-Day.
  •     Service from beginning to end on wedding day.
  •     Coordination of the guests.
  •     Check that the service of each provider corresponds to the contract.
  •     Permanent contact with the bride and groom.

Ask for more information and budget without commitment

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