Urban Style Wedding

There are couples who want their city to be part of the wedding: either because it is where they spend most of the time, because it was the first witness of their love story, because they want to avoid large displacements, because they must adapt to the new times, or, simply, because they love her above all else. Be that as it may, there are many ways to harness the potential of the city to make it a dream scenario for the «yes, I want».

The chic and sophisticated atmosphere emanating from urban weddings will not only charm your guests, but will permeate every detail of the big day giving a different and spectacular result. So don’t waste any more time and learn all about them: the best locations, the styles of decoration, the most appropriate cuisine… ¡¡ It will be a success!

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The dress code in urban or industrial style weddings

Urban weddings are perfect for more sophisticated brides, who prefer to choose looks a little less traditional, betting on more modern designs, straight cut or even two-piece, it is also ideal for brides who prefer to bet on pantsuits. These weddings are also ideal for brides who want to add a touch of color to their dress, or for those who want to add an original complement, such as a fine coat or an urban touch, such as a leather lollipop.

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