Shabby Chic Style Wedding

It is a style of decoration that has its origin in Great Britain, in the large English country houses, in which the mixture of ancient elements with other more modern and current.

The shabby chic style, is a sophisticated and elegant decoration style. We can see a mixture of modern elements with antiques such as chandeliers, vases, pearls, porcelain, chandeliers, etc.

The star colour is white, beige, mint and the full range of pastel tones. These colors are combined with textures and outdated and worn aspects of the decoration objects in the celebration of our wedding. The key is to combine these colors with white and its different shades, such as broken white, egg white, marble white, cloud…

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Dress code at Shabby Chic Weddings

The Shabby Chic style focuses its gaze on the white color of the bride’s dress, around which the other colors, materials, aspects volumes and textures are combined.

For a style inspired by the very special shabby chic style, you opt for a wedding dress to match, which falls in love for its femininity and exquisiteness.

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