Glam Style Wedding

Weddings where glamour and elegance reigns are called glam weddings, inspired by the golden age of the Hollywood film industry.

They are very elegant and rigorously take care of details; here lighting, brightness and accessories are of vital importance.

These weddings are held in hotels, palaces, mansions and large spaces where an enigmatic atmosphere can be created, preferably at night to be able to expose to the maximum brightness and lighting, but they can be done in the afternoon.

Colors are contrasting, either black-white and scarlet; or gold and black; or silver and purple. It seeks to create an impact but above all to look elegant.

Candlesticks play a very important role, as they provide lighting but it is not a direct or strong light, usually silver or glass are used that create refraction and the higher, the better!

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The dress code at Glam weddings

The dress of the bride tends to be of marked lines, adjusted to the figure and with transparencies, sequins or rhinestones. No flights or volume, this kind of wedding is not for conservative girls or romantic style.

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