Classic Style Wedding

The wedding that we all know, the one that we have lived thousands of times in the movies, the one where white tones predominate in all the decoration, and in which roses will have a very important role in the floral arrangements. Classic weddings are characterized by their elegance, and it is one of the styles where protocol is usually carried out to the letter.

Ruled by a great solemnity and elegance, it is dominated by white and powdery tones, especially in the great essential: floral arrangements. The golden tones will not be lacking either in the bass, the tablecloths, the cups or the napkins, for example. On the other hand, it is not strange to decorate the chairs of the banquet that the protagonists of the day will occupy with tulle and flowers to match with the color chosen. Candlesticks and vases are other basics of this type of links.

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The dress code in classic weddings

The groom’s costumes also go according to style, a classic princess-cut wedding dress and a long tail define a classic bride who could complete her look with a cathedral-style veil. For the groom, the most common in this style is a coat with black or dark frock coat

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