Boho Chic Style Wedding

The boho chic style incorporates the hippie trend, even gipsy, fused with mid century influences. XIX to get a bohemian look (boho), vintage and elegant or refined (chic in French).

Boho chic weddings take place outdoors, in the countryside, in a vineyard, a forest, the garden of an old family home… The important thing is to breathe fresh air surrounded by nature and create an intimate atmosphere illuminated by candles, lanterns or small lights.

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Dress code at boho chic weddings

For starters, the boyfriends. The dresses are sesinal cut with straight silhouettes and lace or even inspired by the thirties with fringes, some feather and an elegant hat. The makeup is very natural, like the hairstyle, which does not need many flourishes… only the star element: the crown of flowers. And we can see the groom in khakis and white shirt or linen suit for example.

As for the guests: they follow the same style line as the protagonists of the party. A very casual and casual style dress, combining current elements with some more vintage touches and ethnic motifs on many occasions.

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